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Missionhouse in Leirvík, Faroe Islands

The Missionhouse in Leirvík (in Faroese: Leirvíkar Missiónshús) has its historical roots in the Reformation period and the revivals of the 1800's.

The Missionhouse in Leirvík is a part of The Church Association for the Inner Mission in Faroe Islands.

Today the Inner Mission is the largest revival movement within the Faroese Evangelical Lutheran Church.

From its very beginning the movement has emphasized two important aspects of its work. Firstly the movement is a church based movement, where believing pastors and laypeople work together. Secondly, the movement aim at bringing about a revival in the Christian faith and creating a fellowship of believers in the Communion of Saints.


The Missionhouse in Leirvík and The Inner Mission has as its basis the Bible and the Faroese Evangelical Lutheran Church's articles of confession. The movement stresses the importance of the Bible as the Word of God and a clear Lutheran understanding of the Sacraments. The Inner Mission is therefore a non-ecumenical movement.


The Missionhouse in Leirvík and The Inner Mission has the twin objectives of reviving and preserving faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

The movement's objective is to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Faroese people so that the person is made aware of his or her state of perdition, and how, throgh Jesus Christ, each person can find forgiveness, new life and hope.

Tje Missionhouse in Leirvík and The Inner Mission calls people to a personal faith and commitment in Jesus Christ and to share a new life in Him. The movement encourages and strengthens this faith and commitment through a warm and active Christian fellowship.


Leirvik is located on the east coast of Eysturoy and is an ancient village dating from the Viking Age.

Population: About 850.

One of the best-preserved antiquities in Faroes is located in Leirvík: Břnhústoft which is a ruin of a prayer house with a churchyard and ancient graves.

Tradition says that ‘Black Death’ (the plague) killed everyone but a little girl in Leirvik in 1349.

The tunnel from Gřta to Leirvik is 2300 meters long. It was blown through the mountain in 1985. In 2004 a subsea tunnel was drilled to Klaksvík.

Eysturoy is the second largest island and lies about midway in the island group, between the Northern islands and Streymoy. Eysturoy is 268 km2 in area. The population on Eysturoy is approx. 11,000 people.

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